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Adobe Presenter

This Adobe Presenter training course is a 1 Day public programme, designed to teach delegates the fundamentals of Adobe Presenter.

This course is for people who want to convert existing PowerPoint presentation into engaging eLearning content.

To gain the most from this class, you should be:

Comfortable working in a Windows environment

Familiar with web terminology

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

Understand the Presenter workflow

Produce engaging training videos

Insert audio video and animations

Use Learning Interactions

Customize the Adobe Presenter Viewer


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1 Day
Cost Includes:
Training course materials and after-training support
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Sinead Landers
X €295.00
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Adobe Presenter-Course Content

Lesson 1: Introducing Adobe Presenter

  • Introducing Presenter
  • PowerPoint and Presenter
  • What’s new in Presenter 9
  • Video Production
  • eLearning Templates
  • Output Types

Lesson 2: Adding Audio

  • Presenter Audio Features
  • Recording slide narration
  • Editing audio
  • Importing audio

Lesson 3: Publishing Presentations

  • Publishing locally
  • Setting presentation properties
  • Packaging a presentation for distribution
  • Publishing to a mobile device

Lesson 4: Customizing Presentations

  • Setting slide navigation names
  • Adding presenter information
  • Adding slide videos
  • Changing the presentation theme and viewer
  • Creating a custom theme
  • Slide Branching and Restrictions

Lesson 5: Adding Animations, Links, and File

  • Adding PowerPoint animations
  • Synchronizing audio and animations
  • Adding PowerPoint links
  • Attaching files
  • Attaching Actors

Lesson 6: Adding Flash Content and Interactions

  • Embedding Flash content
  • Enabling complete playback of non-interactive Flash SWF files
  • Enabling Flash content with the presentation control bar
  • Enabling sufficient slide time for interactive Flash SWF files
  • Using eLearning Interactions

Lesson 7: Adding Quizzes

  • Using the Quiz Pane
  • Adding quiz questions
  • Setting quiz navigation
  • Customizing the appearance of quiz slides
  • Customizing feedback messages
  • Scoring and reporting quiz results
  • Adding audio to quiz slides

Lesson 8: Presenter Video Production 

  • Capture slide presentation
  • Setting up your webcam
  • Video editing in Presenter
  • Video add-ons: Zooming and adding a logo
  • Adding Bumpers
  • Adding a lower third
  • Video Output


This Adobe Presenter training programme may be of interest to anyone who wants to convert existing PowerPoint presentation into engaging eLearning content. To gain the most from this class, you should be:

  • Comfortable working in a Windows environment.
  • Familiar with web terminology.

Classroom based, instructor lead, practical hands on course with Computer / Laptop per person during the session

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