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Construction Consultancy (PSDP and PSCS)

Construction Consultancy (PSDP and PSCS)

The Safety, Health and Welfare (Construction) Regulations 2006 states that the duties and responsibilities of construction activities are placed on PSDP in order to improve the health and safety in the construction industry by engaging all the participants in a project from conception to completion. Optima Training and Consulting can provide PSDP and PSCS to ensure health and safety is controlled and accidents are reduced to reasonable practicable levels.

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Retained Health and Safety Advisor

Health & Safety legislation requires the appointment of competent persons to ensure compliance with relevant legislative rules. Finding the person you need who has the right combination of experience and skill sets, can itself be a major problem. Optima Training & Consulting can assist you with your Health and Safety requirements through the following services

Long Term Retained Health and Safety staff

We become your Health and Safety Division and manage your Health and Safety  system on an ongoing basis, carrying out all the functions required.

Short Term Health and Safety Management

We can step in for specific Health and Safety needs or to cover Maternity, Illness, Holidays or other times when a Health and Safety function is required or specific Health and Safety tasks need to be undertaken.

This course is designed for those who will be involved at the Project Supervisor Construction Stage to ensure they have the knowledge, skills and build competency in construction safety to identify and manage hazards in the workplace.

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