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Covid-Lead Worker Representative (Childcare)

This Covid- Lead Worker Representative for Childcare is a 2.5 Hour Live Webinar which will cover topics that would be viewed as essential for the employee/s who will be appointed/nominated to the role of Covid Lead Representative.

The Covid Lead Worker Representative will correspond with management on Covid Compliance on behalf of the staff and bring issue to attention to ensure the safety and welfare of all employees.

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2.5 Hours
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Adrian Carmody
Live Webinar
X €60
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Course Content
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  • What is Coronavirus (COVID-19)?
  • Factors involved in the spread of the virus
  • (COVID-19) Facts and Figures
  • Employer & Employees Requirements
  • The Return to Work Protocol
  • The Role of the Lead Worker Representative in Childcare settings
  • Health & Safety and The Lead Worker Representative
  • Documentation Requirements
  • Infection Prevention & Control Requirements
  • Facility Management for Safe Working
  • PPE Requirements
  • Illness Detection and Response
  • Meeting requirements
  • Delivery requirements
  • Cleaning
  • Communications
  • HR Concerns
  • Common Issues for the Lead Worker Respresentative

This Covid Return to Lead Worker Representative is a  3 Hour Live Webinar course is ideal for any person who is interested in seeking or accepting the role of a Covid Lead Worker Representative in their Childcare facility


Live Remote Webinar via GoToWebinar

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