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Mental Health Awareness-Self Care-Understanding Stress


This 1 Hour Free Live Webinar-Mental Health Awarenes- Self Care Understanding Stress  is designed to give participants a proper understanding of stress, its’ causes and the effects it has on our bodies and minds.

This session includes tips and techniques for relieving stress and to focus on well-being.

This Free Webinar will take place on the 21st May at 10:30am-Click on the link below to register for the session:


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Sinead Landers
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On completion participants will benefit from:

Becoming more aware of your thoughts and feelings and making unconscious thoughts more conscious.

Tools to combat stress and promote well-being and positive emotions

Learning about the signs, symptoms and causes of triggers.

Learning how to become self compassionate and more compassionately detached from stressors

Evaluate your coping strategies and identify areas for improvement

Build social support in your network



This 1 Live Webinar may be of interest to those looking for tips and techniques for relieving stress in their lives and to focus on well-being.

Trainer led via live Zoom Delivery

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