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Microsoft Access Intermediate

This Microsoft Access Intermediate training course is a 1 Day public programme, designed for anyone who wants to get the most out of Microsoft Access and is an entirely ‘hands on’ course which will give participants experience in producing database applications and the ability to create a variety of data views, queries and reports to more of an Intermediate Level.

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Half Day
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Training course materials and after-training support
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Sinead Landers
X €395.00
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Microsoft Access Intermediate Course Outline

• Creating a Query
• Adding Criteria to a Query
• Running a Query
• Editing Criteria In a Query
• Saving a Query
• Creating a Two Table Query and Sorting the results
• Refining a Query
• Wildcards
• Deleting a Query
• Hiding and Un-Hiding Query Fields

• Creating a Report
• Using the Report Wizard
• Modifying the Layout of a Report
• Widening a Report Column
• Modifying the Report Title
• Adding a Logo to a Report
• Formatting a Form using Themes
• Modifying Field Names within a Report
• Inserting and Formatting the Date & Time
• Adding Existing Fields to a Report
• Resizing Reports For Printing
• Totals
• Closing a Report
• Deleting a Report

• Exporting a Table As an Excel File
• Exporting a Table As a Text File
• Exporting a Table As a Text CSV File
• Exporting a Table As a PDF File
• Exporting a Table As an XML File

• Print Previewing
• Portrait and Landscape
• Adjusting Layout In Print Preview
• Margins
• Printing a Complete Table
• Printing Selected Records
• Printing a Query or Reports
• Printing Forms

Reference: the Access Interface
• Opening a Database
• Opening a Table
• The Ribbon (Toolbar)
• Ribbon Tabs
• Groups
• Dialog Box Launcher
• Navigating
• Contextual Tabs
• Minimising the Ribbon
• The File Tab
• Microsoft Access Help
• Closing Access 2010

Database Terminology & Theory
• Database
• Table
• Record
• Field
• Field Data Types
• Field Properties
• Primary Key
• Types of Database

Trusted Locations
• Setting a trusted location

• Creating a Lookup within a Field
• Modifying a Lookup within a Field
• Deleting a Lookup within a Field
• Creating an Input Mask
• Modifying an Input Mask
• Deleting an Input Mask
• Modifying a Field to Require Data Entry
• Modifying a Field So That It Does Not Require Data Entry

• Creating and modifying a One-To-One Relationship
• Creating and modifying a One-To-Many Relationship
• Creating and modifying a Many-To-Many Relationship using a Junction Table
• Enforcing Referential Integrity
• Automatic Updating of Related Fields
• Automatic Deletion of Related Records

• Inner Join
• Outer Join
• Subtract Join
• Self Join



This Microsoft Access Intermediate training programme may be of interest to personnel who wish to gain a comprehensive overview of the Intermediate features of Microsoft Access.

Knowledge of Microsoft Access Basic is required.

Classroom based, instructor lead, practical hands on course with Computer / Laptop per person during the session

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