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Covid 19 Return to Work – Key Considerations

What are the key questions that businesses need to ask themselves as they plot their return to work or continue to work in the new Covid Landscape. What is involved and what needs to be considered to be fully compliant and protect your business and your staff Covid Infographic

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Pressure Sore Prevention Training

There is plenty of evidence to show that most pressure ulcers / sores can be prevented with proper care. What needs to be done?making a plan of careStandards of practiceMonitoringEvaluationRevising interventions

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Communication Skills Healthcare

This Communication Skills virtual training Webinar is a Half Day programme, designed to raise self-awareness and improve communication skills with all Healthcare Professionals. It gives clear guidelines for improving working relationships by developing new methods and styles of communication. It will give you the ability to understand others and build highly effective working relationships, improve […]

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Palliative Care – End-of-Life Training

Palliative – End of Life Care Training – Instructor led live Training Webinar for all Healthcare Staff working with patients facing end-of-life and working with their families

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GDPR for Schools

GDPR is just for large corporate? Right??Wrong!!! GDPR impacts anyone who holds, controls or processes personal data and that includes Schools.In fact – because Schools retain the personal data of children (including those under the age of digital consent) and often hold Sensitive Medical data– GDPR is particularly relevant to them. Should schools be concerned?Absolutely […]

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Hotel Safety Tips & Training Courses

Although hotel safety is not assured, there are many things that you can do to prevent possible crime and misconduct via these tips and our related Training Courses which are delivered in Limerick, Cork, Dublin, Waterford & Galway 1. Check-In – Avoid staying in a room on the bottom floor, it’s too easy to break into. According […]

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How to Write your Health & Safety Policy

When it comes to writing a health and safety policy, many people are keen to find a health and safety policy example they can copy. However, one size doesn’t fit all, and it’s vital that your written policy is tailored to meet the unique requirements of your organisation. With this in mind, rather than showing […]

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Optima Training & Consulting are Recruiting

Optima Training & Consulting are recruiting for a Training Portfolio Co-Ordinator Sales experience is a requirement – ideally in the Training / Education Sector – but not restricted to that. Successful candidate would be responsible for a range of tasks relating to Training –including: Pre-SalesMarketing ActivitiesEvent Co-OrdinationBusiness DevelopmentAdministration Interested candidates should forward CVs and other relevant […]

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Legal compliance main OSH Irish management driver

A pan-European survey has found that legal compliance is the major reason why Irish businesses manage occupational health and safety.The ESENER-2 (European Survey of Enterprises on New and Emerging Risks) survey on new and emerging risks, which was published recently, found that the drivers for OSH management in Ireland were legal compliance (83%), maintaining an […]

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