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Technical Report Writing

This Technical Report Writing training course is a 1 Day public programme, designed to assist technical staff in the generation of professional and well structured technical reports.

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1 Day
Cost Includes:
Training course materials and after-training support
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Fionnuala Landers
X €295
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Course Content:

The role of technical writing

  • Section Objectives
  • Misconception – Rules
  • The Role of Technical Writing in Readers Lives
  • A Framework for Analyzing Audiences


  • Accuracy
  • Pairs of Words
  • Synonyms
  • Precision
  • Common Spelling Problems
  • Grammar
  • Simple Language
  • Jargon

Sentences & Punctuation

  • Sentence Length
  • Sentence Construction
  • Redundant words and phrases
  • Words to be used with care
  • Negative Writing

Paragraphs and Formats

  • Paragraph Length
  • Numbering Systems
  • Organisation and Layout of Lists and Tables
  • Reports
  • Specifications and Instructions
  • Structure and Layout

Good Style

  • Readership and Objectives
  • Active and Passive
  • Signs, Symbols and Abbreviations
  • Mathematical Material

The presentation of written information

  • The importance of good presentation
  • Checking the facts
  • Checking the text
  • Choice of Font, Line, Length & Spacing

Reports in an organisation 

This Technical Report Writing training programme may be of interest to all personnel involved in the generation of technical data reports – (quality, engineering, materials, R&D).

Classroom based, instructor lead, practical hands on course.

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