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Consultancy Overview:

Optima Training and Consulting are an independent a Provider of Quantitative, Qualitative Face Fit Testing and Training of Respiratory Protective Equipment.

We operate our RPE Fit Testing or Training services throughout Ireland ensuring your business is compliant with regulations and employees are protected with the correct fitting of Respiratory Protective Equipment.

Face Fit Testing

There are 2 methods of Fit Testing: Qualitative or Quantitative

Qualitative is suitable for disposable filtering face pieces –  for example FFP2/FFP3 masks.

Qualitative Fit Testing-(FFP2/FFP3 Masks) 

This is a pass/fail test based on the wearer’s subjective assessment of any leakage through the face seal region by detecting the introduction of bitter- or sweet-tasting solution as a test agent.

The test employs a hood to create a small test chamber around the users head, and a test solution. This test solution has a bitter taste (the solution used would be a similar solution used on fingernails to help stop nail biting)

The Face Fit Test (2 Parts)

The Sensitivity Test:

This is done without your mask on and proves that you can taste the test solution, a small weak version of the test solution will be sprayed into the hood, as soon as the participant gets a slight taste the tester is to be made aware.

The Fit Test:

This part consists of 7 simple 1 minute exercises which must be completed while wearing your mask.

The exercises are designed to test the seal of the mask and simulate normal movement

  1. Normal Breathing.
  2. Deep Breathing.
  3. Head Side to Side.
  4. Head Up & Down.
  5. Talking.
  6. Bending.
  7. Normal Breathing.

*The tester will provide step by step guidance throughout.

It is recommended that fit testing is carried out for all tight fitting respirators. The purpose of fit testing is to ensure a good fit of the mask to the individual and is applicable to tight fitting filtering facemasks.

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