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Consultancy Overview:

As an employer you are ultimately responsible for the health and safety of your employees and subcontractors working on your premises. Optima Training and Consulting Ltd are here to help you maintain an accident-free work environment.

We can audit your workplace to assess the hazards associated to the Control of Hazardous Energy. We will then discuss with you what options you have to control the hazard and finally introduce the necessary control to lower risk.

Permit to Work documentation ensure everyone involved in the job are aware of the hazards, controls and policy/procedure to be followed to ensure harm is not realised.

Lock-Out/Tag-Out: (LOTO) A method of ensuring that equipment remains isolated from sources of energy during an intervention, thereby preventing the workers involved from being injured either by the hazardous energy sources themselves or as a result of unexpected operation of the equipment. Its underlying principle is that isolation is secured with a padlock.


  • Site audit and procedure review to identify any non conformances
  • Prepare report with guidance on improvements to ensure compliance

Contact us at for more details or for a customised quote for your Lock out Tag out/Permit to Work requirements.