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Call Handling & Customer Care

This Call Handling & Customer Care training course is a 1 Day public programme, designed to help desk and support centre staff understand how to be best prepared for call handling to achieve the best outcome, understand how to introduce develop and conduct each call, understand how to resolve conflicts and deal with difficult callers and understand the importance to following up on agreed action items.

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1 Day
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Training course materials and after-training support
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Sinead Landers
X €295.00
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Course Content:

Help desk and support centre staff are increasingly being challenged with the difficult task of supporting customers. They must possess the ability to diagnose problems, deliver solutions, and enable customers to re-use their company’s products and services. This course is designed for professionals who want to develop and improve the vital skills needed to deliver excellent call handling and customer care.

Course Contents:
Introduction & objectives

  • The Telephone in business today
  • Programme, business and personal objectives

Getting ready to take calls

  • Preparing your surroundings
  • Preparing yourself

Initiation of conversation

  • Introducing yourself correctly

Developing the conversation

  • Taking control of the conversation
  • Questioning without interrogating

Identifying action

  • Summarising
  • How to present your solutions
  • Getting agreement

Conversation close

  • Asking the closing question
  • Confirmation of the agreement
  • Closure and preparing next occasion for contact

Dealing with complaints

  • Taking the emotion out of the situation
  • Complaint handling process

Post-call actions

  • Wrapping up the call
  • Following through on agreed actions

Action plan and summary

At Course Completion:

  • Understand how to be best prepared for call handling to achieve the best outcome
  • Understand how to introduce, develop and conclude each call
  • Understand how to resolve conflicts and deal with difficult callers
  • Understand the importance to following up on agreed action items

This Call Handling & Customer Care training programme may be of interest to employees who are responsible for customer service or customer care who want to better understand and improve their customer care skills.

Classroom based, instructor lead, practical hands on course.

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