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Consultancy Overview:

At Optima Training & Consulting Ltd., we design training programmes that help companies to develop the skills, behaviors and competencies required to meet their strategic business goals.

We have extensive experience in not only developing programmes but also in delivering training programmes that are effective.

Optima Training & Consulting Ltd use the four principles of andragogy (involve, experience, relevance, and problem-centred) and the ADDIE model (Analyse, Design, Development, Implement, Evaluate) to develop programme content.


Optima Training & Consulting Ltd will conduct a two-part evaluation (diagnosis and design) to ensure the L&D intervention is suitable and will benefit the organisation.

The first part of the evaluation will include (Diagnosis):

  • Ensuring that there is strategic alignment between the learning intervention and the organisational business priorities,
  • To what extent the learning intervention will strengthen the overall health of the organisation, and
  • How will the intervention help learners build the knowledge, skills, and expertise that they require to fulfil their role.

The second part of the evaluation will include (Design):

  • Location of any training material that exists that can be used (this would include presentations, documents, manuals, videos, etc.),
  • Assessment of the training material for accuracy,
  • Identification of any missing information
  • if the content of training material is interesting and engaging, and
  • if there was any learner feedback on the training material see if any improvements can be made.

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