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Strategic Business Planning

This Strategic Business Planning training course is a 1 Day public programme, designed to empower  learners to fully participate in internal strategic planning processes. By working through a group or individual tasks learners gain hands-on experience of the various concepts; methodologies and outcomes of strategic planning.


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1 Day
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Training course materials and after-training support
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Sinead Landers
X €375.00
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Course Contents:

  • Introducing Strategic Business Planning 04/12/2017 – what do learners understand it to involve?
  • Strategic Planning Analytical Tools examined and worked on in small teams i.e.
    • PEST Analysis
    • Gap Analysis
    • Porter’s 5Forces
    • The SWOT Analysis
  • Strategic Issues Identified and prioritized form using these 4 tools
  • The concept of Strategic Options
  • Devising Strategy; learners are introduced to
    • Marketing Objectives a key tool for setting sales targets
    • Strategies
    • Investment in facilities; plant, services strategy
    • Funding the new strategy

By the end of this programme, participants will:

  1. Understand what the process of Strategic Planning entails.
  2. Will have become familiar with the main analytical techniques organisations may employ in strategic planning.
  3. Have had an opportunity to use these techniques to explore strategic issues for their organisation.
  4. Be more personally confident about subsequently participating in internal strategic planning.




This Strategic Business Planning training programme may be of interest to those who currently or may presently be invited to participate in internal strategic planning processes in their organisations. It will also act as a refresher for experienced strategists, helping them to checklist their current understanding and application of strategic analytical tools in particular.

Classroom based, instructor lead, practical hands on course.

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