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DSE/VDU Workplace & Remote Working Assessments

DSE Workplace & Remote Working Assessments

The General Application Regulations 2007 contain a list of minimum requirements in which the employer is obliged to carry out a risk assessment of each DSE Set-up.

Risk Assessments must be completed for users of DSE setup to ensure, equipment, software, ventilation, lighting levels, access & egress, ergonomics, good housekeeping, space requirements, noise, eye tests, electrical cables/electricity, manual handling, stress due to VDU work and all office furniture are suitable and do not add to injury.

Typical assessments last take 20-30mins to complete and covers instructions on correct posture and arrangement with the employees area op operation.

The 1-1 assessments can be completed onsite or remotely



Remote Audits involve completion of a 1-1 assessment with individual staff, completion of the related questionnaire and generation of  an audit report with recommendations.

Typical Project involves:

  • Generate & Finalise Schedule of 1-1 Assessments
    • Schedule can be completed by Client or by Optima Training if we are provided by contact details-
  • Remote Audits for each participant for 30 mins to include pre-agreed criteria to include:
    • DSE configuration, Ergonomic configuration, Wellness, Status of provisions provided, GDPR, Security and more
  • Audit Form Completed
  • Report with Recommendations and Suggested Action Items (Including suggested provisions needed)
  • Overall summary sheet also provided to see urgent items quickly and easily

Contact us at DSE@OptimaTraining.ie for more details or for a customised quote for your requirements.

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