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Human Resource Management Fundamentals

This Human Resource Management Fundamentals course is a 2 day course which will give attendees an understanding of the key areas involved in HR Management.  For those with limited or no grounding in the fundamentals of HR management, this course provides an insight into key areas of recruitment, employee relations, employee development and performance management.  The course has been designed to incorporate current best practice and recent developments in employment legislation.

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2 Days
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Training course materials and after-training support
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Sinead Landers
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Course Content

Overview of HR

  • What is Human resource Management
  • Evolution of HRM
  • PM vs. HRM
  • Processes involved in HRM
  • HRM Environment

Functions and Aspects HRM

  • Managerial Functions
  • Operative functions
  • Personnel, development, welfare & Industrial relations aspects
  • Objectives

Role and scope of the HR Manager

  • Clarify your areas of responsibility
  • Plan and execute a successful recruitment strategy
  • Employ best practice selection techniques
  • Understand the use of competencies to select and appraise staff
  • Training and development

Employment legislation

  • Legal Responsibilities of the Employer
  • Contracts – employment contracts, references
  • Termination of employment
  • Discrimination and harassment – positive, direct and indirect, associative, perceptive

Overview of grievance & discipline handling in the workplace

  • Discipline, Redundancy, Dismissal and Absence Management

This Human Resource Management Fundamentals course is aimed at future, new or recently appointed HR officers and managers. This course will provide a vital overview of best practice for those who are likely to be appointed to an HR role in the future or who require a general understanding of HR as part of their general responsibilities.

Classroom based, instructor lead, practical hands on course.

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