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Microsoft Access Introduction

This Microsoft Access Introduction training course is a 1 Day public programme, designed for anyone who wants to get the most out of Microsoft Access. For new users it will take you from the absolute basics, through the most productive features of the package, to a point where participants can set up relational databases. For users that are familiar with a previous version of the software it will quickly bring you up to speed, showing how to make use of the new features to increase productivity.

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1 Day
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Training course materials and after-training support
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Sinead Landers
X €190.00
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Microsoft Access Introduction Course Outline

Database Concepts
• Database
• Relational Database
• Table
• Record (Row)
• Field (Column)
• Data Types

Opening a Database & Security Issues
• Opening a Database
• Trusted Locations
• Setting the Default Folder Location
• Closing the Access Program

Tables, Fields and Field Types
• Creating a New Blank Database
• Adding Fields and Setting the Field Type
• About Access Data Types
• Closing and Naming a Table

Table Navigation & Modification
• Opening a Table within a Database
• ‘Datasheet View’ vs. ‘Design View’
• Adding Records to a Table
• Navigating Through Records
• Adjusting Column Width
• Automatically Resizing a Column Widths
• Rearranging the Column Order

Field Properties
• Field Properties
• Input Masks
• Validating Numbers
• Validating Dates
• Data Entry Required/Not Required
• Field Properties – Reference Materials
• Field Properties – Logical Operators
• Field Properties – General
• Field Properties – Format
• Field Properties – Input Mask Characters

Manipulating Tables & Records
• Renaming a Table
• Editing Data within a Record
• Deleting Data within a Record
• Using the Undo Command
• Deleting a Single Record
• Deleting Multiple Records
• Deleting a Table

Primary Keys and Indexing
• Defining a Primary Key
• Indexing
• Creating a Single-Field Index
• Creating a Multiple-Field Index
• Deleting Multi-Field Indexes

• Text Filters
• Single Filter
• Multiple Filters

• Sorting Records
• Removing a Sort
• Sorting on Multiple Fields

• Searching Through Records

• One-To-Many Relationship
• Many-To-Many Relationship
• One-To-One Relationships
• Creating Relationships between Tables
• Referential Integrity
• Cascade Options
• Cascade Update Related Fields
• Cascade Delete Related Records
• Enabling Cascade Options
• Deleting Relationships

• Creating Forms
• Modifying Forms
• Saving a Form
• Form View
• Adding and Formatting Attachments
• Modifying Data within Records
• Deleting Records using a Form
• Adding Records using a Form
• Closing Forms
• Deleting a Form
• Filtering a Form
• Removing a Filter from a Form
• Inserting and Modifying a Form Header
• Inserting and Modifying a Form Footer


This Microsoft Access Introduction training programme may be of interest to personnel who wish to gain a comprehensive overview of the basic features of Microsoft Word.

No prior knowledge of Microsoft Access is required, however an experience of basic computer and keyboard skills would be an advantage.

Classroom based, instructor lead, practical hands on course with Computer / Laptop per person during the session

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